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Agorz is a multifaceted service exchange platform utilizing blockchain technologies, crypto, and fiat currencies that allows users to access services from multiple vendors in one app. The new platform connects users with service providers and creates a decentralized community where value can easily be exchanged. Users only need to log in to the application and make requests based on the demands they need to fulfil. The platform connects them with available service providers who can fulfil those requirements. The user initiates a smart contract (and may decide to pay on delivery too) where the service provider supplies the product or service and is paid instantaneously. Agorz allows users to purchase and receive payments with cryptocurrency as well as traditional currencies. Users may also track the delivery of their services. In addition to allowing users to complete their purchases, Agorz provides a user management system that enables service providers and corporate clients to manage their orders, customers, staff, and human infrastructure required to make their processes efficient. Since clients understand that user ratings will improve their market visibility, service providers and corporate companies invest their time in ensuring that orders are duly fulfilled and that glitches experienced during transactions are quickly eliminated. With the use of blockchain, users can trust reviews, as only users who actually made purchases can share reviews about the services they enjoyed.

The goal of Agorz is to ensure seamless transactions between customers and service providers in a less costly environment. With the blockchain technology, buyers can make faster and more favorable decisions based on a transparent and efficient marketplace while accessing services without releasing too much of their private data. At Agorz, we are creating a platform that is secure, transparent, and straightforward where users can discover, choose, and order services.